Worn Wear

worn wear

The gear we sell we intend to go the distance, not to fail just shy of the summit. We believe in reliability, in durability. Patagonia engineers its gear to resist wear, but it happens. Your gear collects wear like you collect memories. Seams come undone, finishes wear off, shells rip, and linings tear. But you don’t need to surrender the fleece you wore for the New Year on Cadillac Mountain, the shell you brought to stave off the snow and the wind, or the beanie you used to keep your ears warm that morning.

Through Patagonia’s Worn Wear program, we’re proud to offer garment recycling services. We accept used functional gear in good condition and provide Worn Wear merchandise credit. It doesn’t matter why you need to recycle your garment, because we’ll take it anyways. Items that we cannot accept for resale or repair we will continue to take as donations.

In addition to product recycling, our associates can provide small repairs in store, patching smaller tears and repairing or replacing zipper pulls and snaps. By repairing items, our clothes and accessories earn their tenacious backbone, stories like “remember that time when,” and you get more use from your go-to gear.

It’s just a better deal, and your participation supports ours and Patagonia’s efforts for a reduced carbon footprint. With your help, our products avoid landfills and similar depositories. We accept most used Patagonia product with some exceptions, and we have a bin inside of our store for you to drop off old items.

Although we continue to accept donations of all Patagonia clothing, we are unable to repair the following: swimwear, underwear, bras, performance baselayers (Capilene® and merino), shoes, wading boots, T-shirts, hats, accessories (scarves, beanies, gloves, socks) waders, wetsuits, or sleeping bags.

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